Promo Success Stories - Chris Dorris


SF Agent Promos: How have you used the mini LED flashlight?

Chris: We give the flashlights to clients as they are leaving the office and tell them "Put this in the console of your car in case of an emergency."

SF Agent Promos: What has been your clients' response to this product?

Chris: Clients have told us that every time they open their console they see our flashlight. We've also had clients ask for more of them for their other cars.

SF Agent Promos: Why do you believe the mini LED flashlight has been a valuable marketing tool for your agency?

Chris: One of the hardest issues we face with promotional items is determining if the product is relevant or useful. When considering how often our name is in front of the client, this $2 flashlight has proven a bargain with a high ROI.

  • Josh Fuller